Judge uses influence against Veterans

A Tyrant Judge displays disdain for Veterans, Children, and The Spirit of Christmas Waldron, Arkansas   Veterans Walk […]

Fraud and Forgery Discovered

evidence clearly shows that Cassuandra Holmes did in fact forge the document.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Attorney’s office has been investigating.  The investigation is presently assigned to a forensic auditor.

Kevin Wright request to join Justice For Fred Potter on Facebook

Kevin Wright is the brother of Cassaundra Holmes, and is a party with Cassaundra in the litigation against Fred Potter.
Keeping with the rules established by Veterans March for this group we will strive to provide fair and balance reporting and ask the questions that need to be ask without discrimination or bias in the process.

We are asking that Kevin answer the following questions in the attempt to give the opportunity for both sides to respond within the parameters of civility.

AADC Undermines Veterans with Publicity Stunt.

Hudson went on to state, “I encourage everyone to become educated with the Fred Potter case by visiting JusticeforFredPotter.com and learn about Judge David H. McCormick.  Giving an award to recgnized this judge’s commitment to the impartial administration of justice is a mockery to veterans, senior citizens, and to the ruld of law.”

The Stradivarius Violin Thousand Dollar A Day Fine

In the court of of Judge David H. McCormick, it is up to the Veteran to prove that he does not have a Stradivius violin.  The opposing side making the claims, Cassaundra Holmes and her attorney Jack Merle Skinner, does not have to prove that the Veteran has one.

Arkansas war veteran released from jail due to health concerns

4783Shares Updated: 11:40 PM CDT May 20, 2018 Brett Rains   Multimedia Photojournalist Arkansas war veteran released from […]

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