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Judge uses influence against Veterans

February 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

A Tyrant Judge displays disdain for Veterans, Children, and The Spirit of Christmas

Waldron, Arkansas  

Waldron High SchoolVeterans Walk in Solidarity, a VeteransMarch.org organization, had planned a major event December 1, 2018, in Waldron, Arkansas.  The event was planned to meet in the Waldron High School auditorium for an awards ceremony and rally of solidarity with quest speakers.  The speakers lineup had included mayors with special presentations from Governor Asa Hutchinson and the Secretary of State, Mark Martin.

Prior to the high school event, Thomas Hudson known as The Walking Veteran, had arrived in Waldron to make preparations for the big veterans event.  With a lot of logistical planning, Hudson met with Daniel Fielding, Waldron Superintendent of Schools.  The superintendent was given assurances the event was not a political rally just like the Veterans Walk in Solidarity event in Waldron June 3, 2019,  The event was approved by the superintendent and a long visit with him and staff continued.

Veterans Walk in Solidarity coming to Waldron, Arkansas

A lot of preparations for the event was underway.  The Walking Veteran Support Team with the Support team for Veterans March and the Veterans Walk in Solidarity to made the plans and preparations.  The Veterans Walk in Solidarity Support Team had seventy eight members coming from all over The United States and including the Philippines.  Notable members of the support team included Jim Angle of Fox News in Washington, DC. Marketing and logistical preparations was in high gear with expenses involved.

The Walking Veteran Coming to Waldron, ArkansasThe Walking Veteran then came back into Arkansas walking across the Arkansas River into downtown Fort Smith from Oklahoma.  In Fort Smith he was interviewed by local TV news media and was join by others to bring awareness to the case involving a Korean War Veteran (now 89 years old) Fred Potter.  JusticeForFredpotter.com was the topic in discussions with area mayors and law enforcement.  “If it is the last thing that I do on earth I am going to see that justice is brought to this case.” Hudson said.

Hudson is the founder of Veterans March (VeteransMarch.org) and occasionally comes out of retirement to help with causes that effect veterans.  Veterans March today is a large organization with various components. 

In 2016 Veterans March presented to congress detail reports concerning veteran issues.  Thomas Hudson was given the opportunity to walk across America to bring Awareness, to Learn, to Honor, and to deliver the message to the elected officials in congress.  Hudson became known as The Walking Veteran (WalkingVeteran.com). 

Veterans Walk in Solidarity, Star of Love and HopeHis advocacy did not stop with The Walk Across America.  He continues to use his notoriety and influence to bring awareness to causes that are right and just.  He was asked if he was every afraid of getting involved in these causes and corruption cases that involve powerful people.   “I have been attacked in a Albuquerque riot, knock down passing by a protest in Memphis, seriously injured in an attack in Atlanta, vilified online by those who have been exposed and those who have other motives.  When you take the high ground then you become a target.  It goes with the territory.  However, I firmly believe in the old saying that if you don’t stand up for what is right then you will fall for anything.  I fear not of my adversaries when I know that the Angels are watching over me and that the truth demands my attention.  With that said, I shall go One Step at a Time while letting those who are corrupt and doing harm to our veterans are exposed.”  Hudson said.

The Walking Veteran walks in the Waldron Christmas ParadeThe veterans were also scheduled to walk in the Waldron Christmas parade that night with The Walking Veteran leading the way.  Their theme was Star of Love and Hope, love for our country and hope for tomorrow.

The parade is not an organized sponsored parade according to the city clerk.  The parade is where everyone shows up and if they want to be in the parade that is ok.  The fire chief volunteers to organize the lineup and start the parade.

Cheyanne Fain pulling The Walking Veteran WagonThe veterans had also wanted to honor our youth for all they do in the community and for veterans.  Cheyanne Fain of Waldron was chosen to pull The Walking Veteran Wagon in the parade to represent Recognizing Goodness in Youth (RGIY.org).  The non-profit organization was started by veterans to recognize all the amazing youth people who support veterans.

What Went Wrong

1.  The superintendent of Waldron Schools, Daniel Fielding, had contacted The Walking Veteran on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 that he was cancelling the veterans from using the high school.  He stated that the deposit would be refunded and the school board had concerns after the announcement of including World War II veteran Gene Cox to be honored.

Gene Cox is the father of Robert Wayne Cox who mysteriously disappeared several years ago under mysterious circumstances.  Robert’s wife had increased his insurance from $50,000.00 to $200,000.00 just three weeks after his disappearance.  Judge David H. McCormick, presiding judge in the Fred Potter case, had given the wife a death certificate after eighteen months of Robert Cox disappearance.  Arkansas state law requires five years before a death certificate can be issued.

The Waldron Schools superintendent’s phone call to The Walking Veteran was made as The Walking Veteran and Fred Potter had concluded a meeting with Mayor Keith Greene of Alma, Arkansas.  The Walking Veteran had assured the superintendent that the event was not a politician rally just like the Veterans Walk in Solidarity event in Waldron, June 3, 2018 was not.  The superintendent was given the opportunity to speak to Mayor Greene who had soke at the veteran’s June event in Waldron.

This was a major disappointment due to all the arraignments made by many people, veterans groups and special guest planning to attend.  Awards from the governor and the secretary of state was going to be presented.  With great tribulation, The Walking Veteran had to inform others of the cancelation.

2.  After the cancelation and assuming that no veterans would attend the Christmas parade The Walking Veteran, along with the nephew of Fred Potter, and a retired Coast Guard Veteran made the decision to continue with the plans to walk in the parade.  That decision was made after consultation with Crystal Fain, the mother of Cheyanne Fain, that she was excited about being selected to pull The Walking Veteran wagon in the parade.

Orginal Walking Veteran WagonThe original Walking Veteran wagon, that went across The United States to Capitol Hill was inducted into a museum.  The wagon became a symbol of carrying hope for all veterans.  The wagon used in Northwest Arkansas and the Waldron Christmas parade was donated by Lowes in Van Buren, Arkansas.  The power system was donated by O’Reilly’s in Alma, Arkansas with supplies donated by Walmart in Van Buren, Arkansas.  The managers of these stores had their pictures made with The Walking Veteran and were proud to be a sponsor.

Prior to the parade beginning, two officers from the Waldron police department, in two separate police cars, had singled The Walking Veteran and his party out from the parade participants for an official visit.  The officers had informed The Walking Veteran that the sign with “JusticeForFredPotter.com” was not allowed in the parade.

The Walking Veteran had informed the officers that he is a big supporter of the men and women in law enforcement and will comply.  He did inquire as to who gave them the order for them to come out with the notification?  A officer stated that the order came from high up in the department.

The Walking Veteran Wagon

The officers had also informed Allen Potter, the nephew of Fred Potter, that it was not advisable for him to be seen in Waldron.  The officers did ask if any other veterans were going to arrive.  The Walking Veteran informed the officers that due to cancelling the high school event, everyone was under the assumption that the veteran’s participation in the parade was also cancelled.

The tyranny of a corrupt judge against veterans, children, and the constitutional freedom of free speech and  the right to assemble is a disgrace to the integrity of the Arkansas Judicial System.

After phone calls were made to authorities in Waldron with no one seemingly knowing about who gave the order for the police to require that The Walking Veteran remove the “JusticeForFredPotter.com” sign off of the wagon Veterans March was contacted.  They imitated an investigation and made contact with the ACLU.

Judge David H McCormick

Judge David H McCormick

During the investigation a prominent unnamed source had informed a investigator from Veterans March that Judge McCormick had made phone calls to a member of the school board and to with the city that it was not advisable to allow the veterans event.  This information was further collaborated within the judge’s office in Dardanelle, Arkansas.

The following Tuesday of the veterans event, Judge McCormick issued a gag order on the parties of the Potter V. Holmes case.  The gag order has no legal justification in a post judgement hearing other than to restrict the exercise of free speech with the media and on social media.  The judge in a recent ruling made the same order concerning social media.

The judges conduct using his judicial influence is in direct violation of the Cannon Code of Ethics and the Arkansas Code of Judicial Conduct.

  • A judge shall comply with the law, including the Arkansas Code of Judicial Conduct.
  • A judge shall not abuse the prestige of judicial office to advance the personal or economic interests of the judge or others, or allow others to do so.
  • A judge shall uphold and apply the law, and shall perform all duties of judicial office fairly and impartially.
  • (A) A judge shall perform the duties of judicial office, including administrative duties, without bias or prejudice.(B) A judge shall not, in the performance of judicial duties, by words or conduct manifest bias or prejudice, or engage in harassment, and shall not permit court staff, court officials, or others subject to the judge’s direction and contrayed by public clamor or fear of criticism.(B) A judge shall not permit family, social, political, financial, or other interests or relationships to influence the judge’s judicial conduct or judgment.(C) A judge shall not convey or permit others to convey the impression that any person or organization is in a position to influence the judge.
  • (A) A judge shall not make any public statement that might reasonably be expected to affect the outcome or impair the fairness of a matter pending or impending in any court, or make any nonpublic statement that might substantially interfere with a fair trial or hearing.
  •  A judge shall not participate in activities that would appear to a reasonable person to undermine the judge’s independence, integrity, or impartiality;
    engage in conduct that would appear to a reasonable person to be coercive; or
    make use of court premises, staff, stationery, equipment, or other resources, except for incidental use for activities that concern the law, the legal system, or the administration of justice, or unless such additional use is permitted by law.


Judicial Hall of Shame



Judge David H. McCormick has been inducted into the Arkansas Judicial Hall of Shame, JudicialHallofShame.com



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